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The Ledge at Montrose

The long sandy beach at Montrose harbor is popular for every kind of beach fun in Chicago in the Summer... Read More

Chicago, Illinois, USA View on map
Water Temperature: 65.1 ℉
Wave height: 0.8 feet
Wind Speed: 3.7 mph
Wave Period: 2.6 sec
Air Temperature: 68 ℉
Wave Direction: East South East
Wind Direction: North North East
Cloud Cover: Sunny/Clear

Swim Forecast

Days High Air Temperature Wind Speed Wind Direction Wave Direction Water High Temperature
Wed 19 June temp 77 ℉ 18 mph temp South South West temp South South East 65℉
Thu 20 June temp 69 ℉ 13 mph temp North North East temp East South East 65℉
Fri 21 June temp 68 ℉ 9 mph temp North temp North North East 65℉
Sat 22 June temp 79 ℉ 16 mph temp East temp East 65℉
Sun 23 June temp 78 ℉ 18 mph temp South West temp South South West 65℉