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You love to swim, and want to swim more. Do you know when and where you'll swim next?

Know when there’s good water (waves, water temperatures, tides) for swimming the way you want to swim! Never miss a day when the water’s perfect.

Are you traveling somewhere that’s surrounded by great water and, doen’t know where to swim or anybody to swim with? Don’t miss a chance to find great water in a new place.

Have you ever shown up to your favorite swim spot and found water temperatures, waves and tides to be all wrong? Don’t waste time trying to swim on the wrong day.

OpenWaterLog is a site that helps you get more time in the open water. Know every time conditions are good, find good new places to swim close to home or far away, and connect with other OW swimmers.

We love open water swimming too and hope the forecast and information here helps you find as much good water as possible.

Our home water is in Lake Michigan and all over the Great Lakes (US and Canada). But we love to swim everywhere and search for great water in new places every chance we get.

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