open water

The long sandy beach at Montrose Harbor is popular for every kind of beach fun in Chicago in the Summer. But the nearby seawall along the South side of Montrose harbor “the ledge”, can be a better destination for open water swimming for a lot of reasons: perfect skyline views, no crowds, shelter from NW waves like the 2+ foot (0.6m) ones that were hitting most of the Chicago Lakeshore one weekend in late June, but mellowed to gentle slow rollers at this spot.

Chicago Skyline behind the open water swimming area at the Ledge at Montrose Point in Chicago.



The Ledge Seawall at MOntrose Point


When your swim’s over enjoy an easy non-sandy water exit from the seawall ladders, a walk through the groomed Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary, and (in the summer) a beer and taco from nearby institution The Dock. Check out the Great Lakes Jumper (@danielt.oc) for a lot of great pics (and jumps) often from this spot, year-round.

Lakeside access to Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary on Lake Michigan in Chicago.




Seawall at the Ledge at Montrose Point on Lake Michigan in Chicago