open water

Within site of tourist meccas Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghiradelli Chocolate Experience, you can have an uncrowded San Francisco open water swimming experience at Aquatic Park.

Sandy beach for open water swimming at Aquatic Park

Typically cool water for Summer (San Francisco bay water temperature ~57F/14C) and air (about the same) kept the tourists and most everybody else not only out of the water but away from the small beach on the two July days I visited.

Open water swim group and kid get in the water at Aquatic Park

But a small crowd of regulars and I did manage a swim: the sheltered cove provided water that was mostly flat, a swimming area well marked by buoys, and an easy sand beach entry and exit.

Open water swim group changes and packs open water swim buoys at aquatic park

Aquatic Park bleachers were a convenient spot to organize gear and stuff belongings into an open water swim buoy (me) or store it under the watchful eye of a friend (the regulars).

A convenient spot to pack dry land gear into an open water swim buoy / tow float.

For access to showers and other facilities, pay $10 for a day pass to the Dolphin Swimming and Boating Club next door. The club also offers swim clinics and and a calendar of group swims.